This patent pending technology is a new method of harnessing thermal solar energy. The SunStream solar units will produce several times more electricity compared to that produced by traditional photovoltaic panels of comparable size. Furthermore, the electricity is produced at a significantly lower capital cost per kilowatt hour.

The unit uses three distinct energy sources, the first of which involves the conversion of concentrated radiant heat from the sun which super-heats a proprietary gas. The second is the use, in liquid form, of the proprietary gas which boils at a very low temperature so that the system will always create gas. The third occurs when the gas is compressed using a high speed pass-through compressor driven by the system’s turbine. The resulting pressurized gas will drive the system’s main turbine that in turn rotates a high speed micro-generator to produce AC electricity. The recurring cycle of liquid to gas is what is utilized in every sealed-system refrigerator and air conditioning unit. This Rankine refrigeration cycle, and the application of Boyle’s law gas and thermodynamics principles used to create electrical energy, can be found in most industrial gas turbines and heat exchangers.

What is critically important about this system is that it functions based on air and gas temperatures and will in fact operate without sunlight. However, by using solar energy to super heat the gas, pressure is dramatically increased, thereby creating more energy to drive the system’s turbines. The level of electricity produced will be at least 10 times that of comparably sized photovoltaic panels, and the electricity will be considerably cheaper to produce per kilowatt hour. The patent for this electrical energy generating system also includes important by-products: the heating of water and reverse cycle hot/cold air-conditioning.